Freedoom Git builds

These are builds of the latest Git version of Freedoom. These should update automatically within an hour of a new commit.

The latest version is commit 455df55c2b78cb2f1ee883ac18b21233af4979ad. It was built Sun, 26 Jul 2015 22:25:06 UTC. You can also see the build log. The build machine is a Raspberry Pi Model B, so the builds are quite slow (~10 minutes).


File .zip size (bytes) Description
freedoom1.wad 7802312 Freedoom: Phase 1 (Doom I-compatible IWAD file)
freedoom2.wad 10923254 Freedoom: Phase 2 (Doom II-compatible IWAD file)
freedm.wad 7280449 FreeDM (Doom II-compatible IWAD file with deathmatch levels)